Jan 23, 2017 · A police officer merely observed them driving–below the speed limit–in conditions that called for a slower speed than usual. Say, icy, sleety, or any of the other conditions you hear mailmen ...

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    Spain has reduced the speed limit on major rural roads to 90km/h (56mph), from 100km/h. In Germany, meanwhile, the government has resisted pressure to introduce a speed limit on The death toll on such roads in 2018 was 877. In 40% of fatal accidents one or more vehicles had swung out of...

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    Aug 26, 2018 · @flight50 Fortunately, SCS has fixed the ramp speed limits in the newer map DLC. They no longer put actual legal speed limits, but rather they put the advisory ramp speeds like there is in real-life. You can't get fined for going over an advisory speed. My issue with the weigh station ramps isn't getting fined for being over the speed limit though. A 2012 photo shows a stretch of State Highway 130 near Austin, Texas, where the posted speed limit is 85 mph. Photo: Ricardo B. Brazziell/Associated Press

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