Adhesive tape is a tape that is coated with adhesive and used to stick objects together. Adhesive tape that will stick with application of pressure only (i.e. without activation by water, solvent or heat) is known as pressure sensitive tape. It can consist of a wide variety of tape backings and pressure sensitive adhesives. Adhesive tapes are specialized for demanding requests in industrial, energy, aerospace, electronics, and commercial applications. It is the product of choice where there are continuous and efficient processing, providing superior initial tack, excellent bonding strength and long lasting performance at high temperatures (up to 500˚F / 260˚C).

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    The adhesive tape when applied to one surface is activated by applying direct pressure along the bond line. The tape will ‘wet out’ or flow very slowly over a 72hr period creeping into every nook and cranny on the substrate surface to give 100% surface contact and ultimate bond strength and integrity.

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    Dec 08, 2020 · SFixx Ultra-Strength Adhesive Double-Sided Tape - Set of 3 is rated 2.4 out of 5 by 20. Rated 1 out of 5 by Hollywood 50 from SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY This tape doesn’t hold up the item you are trying to support.

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