Unit 4. Unit 5. Unit 6. More. SAS 1.7 - Slugging Averages ... SAS 1.9 - Fan Cost Index. SAS 1.12 - Validating UPC Codes. SAS 1.4 - Ratios In The Media. SAS 1.4 ... [citation needed] For UNIT's next appearance, Spearhead from Space (1970), the No.4s became uniform for all ranks, except for two radar operators seen in the opening who wear No.7s; the female officer wearing a tie with a UNIT logo printed on. The No.4 style of uniform stayed throughout Doctor Who and the Silurians (1970).

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    Do not try to answer these questions in the PDF files; answers will not be checked, and cannot be submitted. Software Lab. Software Lab 14: Plan from Outer Space (PDF) Code for Software Lab 14 (ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 3 .py files.)

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