May 17, 2016 · I encountered a problem when following the guide: WinPE: Create a Boot CD, DVD, ISO, or VHD . I chose to create a new .vhdx file directly under C:\ for testing in Hyper-V. Later I moved the .vhdx file to C:\Hyper-V. I actually got this dialog when moving the file, but just went ahead with Continue without considering the implications.

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    Jul 10, 2013 · Ok, the next step that the one would consider is mounting from UNC share directly, but that would also fail, with the message “‘VM’ failed to add device ‘Virtual CD/DVD Disk'” & “User account does not have permission required to open attachment”.

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    The difference between UEFI Boot and Legacy boot is the process that the firmware uses to find the boot target. Legacy Boot is the boot process used by BIOS firmware.

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