Avoid Scams Learn how to become an authorized provider, identify common scams, find community-based organization and legal assistance, and resources to help you avoid becoming a victim of an immigration services scam. Nov 20, 2020 · Remove Fake pop-up or tech support scam messages that warn the computer is infected. Some fraudulent companies use fake pop-up warnings that claim your computer is infected with a virus. These Pop-ups are made to look like a Norton virus scan alert or other types of legitimate security warning. To identify and avoid fake tech support scams:

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    Aug 01, 2019 · Another NatWest text message scam warning of "unusual activity on your account" is doing the rounds. Here's how to tell it's a fake. Fake text messages purporting to be from NatWest and warning of unusual account activity are doing the rounds once more.

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    Scammer phone numbers information. Please read our advice page here: https The scammer is still using the same principle-TO GET YOU OFF SITE SAFETY AND ISOLATED.

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